E-Mail Marketing

No matter what your line of business, email marketing strategy can increase your revenue. Our e-mail experts take the time to understand your business, and your requirements in order to get the best results from any emails we send on your behalf.

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We know all too well that many of us receive too many emails every single day. Despite this, e-mail marketing is still one of the most effective and popular tools for making instant and clear communication with your customers.

Importantly, with the growth of mobile marketing – people now often have their smartphones with them with and still 60% of B2B marketers believe email is the best and the most effective tool to generate revenue

What we do for you

We will create emails with engaging content in order to attract customers to your website. We can track who has opened these emails, perhaps sending them follow-up offers. We can monitor who was been viewing our emails on multiple occasions, how many of them clicked through and made a purchase.

We present all of this information in a transparent way to you at the end of each campaign, so you can learn more about what your customers like, and what emails in future are going to reach the greatest number of leads.

U Hold the Key Self Storage Client Testimonial Ean Parsons, U Hold The Key

"We have worked with Northgate Systems for over 6 years now and they have consistently helped us with all our IT requirements and on-line marketing. We now have superb interactive websites which allow customers to input their specific needs and find the best solution for their storage needs. The websites are the lifeblood of our trading and NS have helped us to achieve our successful business growth."

In The Paper Personalised Gifts - Client Testimonial Ian Phillipson, In The Paper

"My companies have worked with Northgate Systems nearly 10 years now. From the outset they have underpinned our e-commerce websites, always responding positively to the many new challenges in establishing and then constantly upgrading our software. The Northgate team really understand e-commerce and have the skills to implement effective on-line retailing activity."


We can re-engage with customers who started shopping with you, then abandoned – for whatever reason. We will be accountable for every action and every email sent.


We can clear up your customer list of bad, old and unusable contact details. Segment the lists into categories and arrange e-mail marketing to your list..