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Bespoke Green Screen Photo App Development

We've been developing bespoke green screen applications for almost 10 years, combining green screen photo stripping technology, image rendering and printing into one application to create unique personalised products and keepsake gifts.

Our applications have been used successfully in a number of high-profile and well-respected organisations including Hamleys Toy Shop in London, by several Premier League Football Clubs in England (Arsenal, Chelsea & Manchester United) and by two Bundesliga Football Clubs in Germany (Bayern Munich and Schalke).

Although each application is different depending on our client's requirements, the general premise of all the apps we've developed is the same.

Each application starts with the capture of a customer photo taken in front of a green screen, the green (or in some cases blue) background is then stripped from the photo to leave a photo of the customer with a transparent background. This image is then combined with additional elements to create a finished product ready for printing. Optional elements include a background image, a foreground image and also a personalisation layer - this allows personalised text elements to be added to the image to create products such as certificates, magazine covers, posters and cards.

As well as the photo element, each application also incorporates a data capture component where customer details are entered into the system, depending on the client's preference - this can be accomplished via a touchscreen application, a computer terminal or a mobile/tablet application.