Our knowledge, experience and expertise allow Northgate Systems to develop interfaces for all levels of functionality.

We have specific experience in the field of CMS for membership management, merchandising systems and booking programmes.

When it comes to software, an important decision any business needs to make is whether to build or buy. An off-the-shelf product can seem appealing and is, in many cases, the right choice. But your business is unique and a bespoke application may give you the edge in a competitive market.

Our software application development services include: C# .Net, Delphi, WCF, WPF & Microsoft Workflow and SQL Server database development. We are also experienced in the provision of touchscreen kiosk interfaces.

Advantages of a Bespoke Application

One of the main advantages of a bespoke application is the reduction of wasted time by automating business procedures. As any business owner knows, staff are the most expensive resource so making the best use of them is key to profitability.

By automating mundane and time consuming processes you and your staff will have more time to concentrate on things that require a human touch such as sales and customer relations. We have a great track record of implementing automation into businesses leading to rapid growth in both size and profitability.

Our Development Process


Getting to know your business

We have designed and implemented applications for many clients, each with their own unique requirements. Because every client is different, every project is different, so an important part of our bespoke application process is getting to know your business. 



Once we have an overview of how your business currently operates we will discuss the key requirements of the software and will suggest additional features that could help to streamline your business. The result of these discussions will be used to create a clear development plan.



We understand that your requirements will evolve, and may even change, over the course of development so we use an agile methodology which allows us to embrace these changes. We do this by breaking the development into a series of iterations. During each iteration we will add one or more features of the application and at the end of each you will be invited to review and test the software. The results of this review can then be implemented in later iterations. All of this means that the project remains flexible and will produce a product that has been built around you and your business.



Once the main development has been completed there will be a period of testing to ensure that any bugs are removed.

Software Development Case Studies