Pay-per-click Management

Pay-per-click advertising is the fast track to putting your site in front of potential customers on the internet. Our PPC management service brings you increased traffic through the consistent management of paid search engine advertising.

Working hand-in-hand with our SEO efforts, PPC advertising is only successful if we understand your business and what you aim to achieve from paid advertising.

That’s why we take the time to familiarise ourselves with your business ethos and make informed decisions about how to create an effective advertising budget. There are many options available with PPC - so we never offer a one size fits all approach as the solution.

What do we do?

With Northgate Systems managing your PPC advertising you will receive monthly reports that are transparent and tell you exactly how much you are spending, we'll tell you what improvements we have made during the month, and what your return was. We'll also meet with you face to face to update you on the processes and progress of your PPC campaigns. We work with our clients to set realistic advertising budgets and if campaigns are not performing as well as they could we'll discuss the issues with you and make changes to improve their performance.

There are many aspects of PPC advertising - and many choices/decisions to be made, our approach is always the same - we discuss all the available options with our clients, explain their options and give our advice on what we think will work the best, we then decide together which options to include.

Google Ads

Google Ads is by far the most popular choice for pay-per-click advertising.

The Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) platform is constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and adding new features - all designed to make advertising on the platform more successful.

Google Ads now includes many features to help customers maximise their advertising budget, users can tie their Ads account into Google Analytics data to create bespoke Ads for users who've previously engaged with their website, viewed certain pages or performed certain actions. The adverts themselves can be displayed to potential customers across a variety of Google's platforms and partner sites including, search pages, partner sites, Gmail apps and YouTube videos.

Although generally referred to as pay-per-click - Google also allows advertisers to use other payment models; including both pay-per-impression and pay-per-conversion, although not suited to all advertisers these alternatives are beneficial to some.

Display Network Ads allow advertisers to create visually appealing image based adverts, designed to entice users to convert on the products/services being offered, when combined with other audience targetting features such as the customers geographic location and remarketing behaviour - it's easy to see why Google Ads is seen as such an effective marketing tool.

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Bing Ads

The Bing Network generates 6 billion searches a month, can you afford to ignore that many potential customers?

Offering a traditional pay-per-click service, Bing Ads allows advertisers to create ads and have them displayed across the bing network to drive new customers directly to your website. With all the budget controls and custom targetting features you'd expect from a platform of this size, Bing Ads is a great option to supplement your other online advertising.

Worried that no-one uses Bing? Don't be the Bing Network is much bigger than you think, if you use Windows 10, Office, an Amazon Tablet or Siri - then you've likely used the Bing Network without even knowing.

As well as appearing on the top or right of Bing search pages, your Bing Ads will also appear on Yahoo and MSN search result pages.

Still not convinced? Bing Ads also tends to be a less competitive marketplace, so you will often find your cost-per-click will be noticeably lower than similar ads displayed on Google, allowing you to target high traffic keywords out of your reach on other networks.

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In The Paper Personalised Gifts - Client Testimonial Ian Phillipson, In The Paper

"My companies have worked with Northgate Systems nearly 10 years now. From the outset they have underpinned our e-commerce websites, always responding positively to the many new challenges in establishing and then constantly upgrading our software. The Northgate team really understand e-commerce and have the skills to implement effective on-line retailing activity."

U Hold the Key Self Storage Client Testimonial Ean Parsons, U Hold The Key

"We have worked with Northgate Systems for over 6 years now and they have consistently helped us with all our IT requirements and on-line marketing. We now have superb interactive websites which allow customers to input their specific needs and find the best solution for their storage needs. The websites are the lifeblood of our trading and NS have helped us to achieve our successful business growth."


Keyword research and analysis

We get to know your business, the products/services you offer and the marketplace you operate in. We need to gain an understanding of where you do business and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

We then, work together with you to create a list of keywords and phrases that we can target to engage with your potential customers. We don't pretend to know your business better than you! We research your competitors and see which keywords they're targetting - this helps identify all the areas we should cover within your campaign.


Landing page optimisation

We focus on improving the pages a visitor will see when clicking on your ads.

Your landing pages are important! They need to closely reflect the content of your ads so that customers are reassured when they click on your ads that they've reached the correct site. The user's search term, your ad text and the content on your landing page should all match - they should be what your customers are expecting to see.

The last thing you want is for potential customers to see your ad, click on it, then leave your site as soon as they arrive. The bounce rate of your PPC ads should be significantly lower than the bounce rate of your organic listings and general website traffic - after all, you're paying for every click.

Your landing page should also have clear calls to action - so that users see a logical next step to order your product or service.


PPC management

PPC, like SEO should be an ongoing, pro-active process! Making small changes to your keywords, designing new ads to replace those under performing, creating new ad groups to point to that great new landing page, developing new ads to cover your newest location.

It's unlikely that your competitors will be standing still, they'll likely be working hard. A new competitor might suddenly decide to start a PPC campaign and outbid you for all your best-performing keywords.

Managing your PPC campaign needs to be seen as an ongoing task, some days/weeks very little will need to be changed, other times several changes may be required to keep your campaign running smoothly.



We provide clear and detailed reports so that you'll always know how your account is performing, how many leads its generating and how much each lead is costing.

The level of detail we provide tends to differ between clients!

Some like to see everything, they want to know which keyword is bringing them the most sales? and which advert headline is performing the best?

Others only want to know the bottom line - how many sales has the campaign generated? what was the total spend this week?

We're happy to provide both!