Mobile Applications

Having a mobile app can give your business great presence, improved access to customers and give an edge over the competition.

Since the launch of the Apple App Store in 2009, apps have taken the world by storm - with over 35 billion downloaded onto Apple devices alone.

Our app developers can make fun promotional games, event specific apps, functional tools for booking and ordering, engaging marketing tools, or simply informative business apps. The great thing about apps is they keep you close to your customer.

In the past we have worked with some huge names and are familiar with the App Store process - meaning we can get your app out there quickly. Wouldn't it be great if the next time you were with prospective customers you could demonstrate your company's new phone app.

Isn't it expensive?

Apps can vary in size from single screen utility applications, to complex, multi-windowed games and business applications. Therefore we offer pricing on a per-client basis depending on your needs. Ask us for a free consultation to see how apps can benefit your business - we guarantee to offer competitive pricing.

When it comes to developing mobile apps there are two primary options available - HTML5 and native.

Native development means that the app is developed using a language that is then compiled into the 'native' format of the targetted platform Java for Android and Swift or Objective C for iOS.

We will always evaluate the best language for each job.

Mobile App Case Studies