Social Media

Social media can be used to engage with prospects old and new, extend the reach of your brand, and nurture better relationships with all of your customers.

Use social media for the benefit of your business.

What we do

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In The Paper Personalised Gifts - Client Testimonial Ian Phillipson, In The Paper

"My companies have worked with Northgate Systems nearly 10 years now. From the outset they have underpinned our e-commerce websites, always responding positively to the many new challenges in establishing and then constantly upgrading our software. The Northgate team really understand e-commerce and have the skills to implement effective on-line retailing activity."

U Hold the Key Self Storage Client Testimonial Ean Parsons, U Hold The Key

"We have worked with Northgate Systems for over 6 years now and they have consistently helped us with all our IT requirements and on-line marketing. We now have superb interactive websites which allow customers to input their specific needs and find the best solution for their storage needs. The websites are the lifeblood of our trading and NS have helped us to achieve our successful business growth."

Social Media Support and Managment

We're fab at making friends on Facebook, terrific at turning the tweets on your timeline into treasure, and using Google to get you the gold.

If you're looking for a comprehensive solution, we can monitor and manage your social presence, providing you with reports on new users, how many people engaged, and how successful linking your campaigns was – always with the goal of increased traffic to your site, improved sales and revenue, and a better understanding of your customer.

Whether you're looking to launch your new products on Facebook, want to chat with industry professionals on Twitter, or show off your company on YouTube – we love social media and can work together to help you use it effectively to help drive your business forward.

Twitter Advertising

Feel like your tweeting, but no one is listening? Growing your social media profile is often hard to get going.

Advertising on Twitter is a great way to kick-start your growth, advertising done correctly will help build your brand online, expand your social media following and increase the reach of your tweets.

Twitter's audience targetting features allow you to tailor who will see your ads giving you the best possible opportunity to convert your paid tweets into new business enquiries.

Twitter Ad Campaigns allow you to expand your reach beyond your existing followers, so if you're confident in your content - promoting it to a larger (well selected) audience can be a great way of gaining new interactions and in turn, generating new business.

There's also no minimum spend, so you're always in complete control of your advertising budget.

Contact Us to get started with advertising on Twitter!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is huge, not everyone loves it, but it's simply too big an audience (and opportunity) for most businesses to ignore (with some 2.23 billion active users). Almost everyone is familiar with Facebook, and most users will likely have seen adverts tailored to them whilst on the network.

If your business doesn't have a Facebook Business Page on the platform you're missing out! Facebook users love to interact with business pages, read posts, leave/read reviews and ask questions - users engage with business pages readily, and are much more likely to interact with you here than contact you directly via your website.

As you'd expect from a mature platform like Facebook there are several marketing opportunities available for businesses to exploit - including, photo, video, carousel, messenger and Instagram story adverts.

Facebook's Ads Manager also allows you to fine-tune who sees your ads based on user characteristics such as gender, age, relationship status, education, workplace, job title, location, purchasing behaviour, device usage, hobbies and interests.

What's great about Facebook's advertising setup, is that the smaller the niche you target, the lower your advertising costs are likely to be, this means you can tailor your ads to only be shown to the people you want to target - and also pay less because there aren't as many competitors targeting them.

We'd love to help you set up a Facebook Business Page or get you started with a bespoke Advertising Campaign - get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Improving your social media, by improving your Website

Everyone loves social media! Well maybe not everyone, but lots of potential customers do - and most of them use it every day. So, what if there was a way to consistently improve how your website looks on social media?

Open Graph Meta Tags allow you to do it on Facebook, and Twitter does it using their own Meta tags.

These meta tags work by allowing website owners - to customise how links to your web pages appear anywhere on social media.

Adding these tags to your site is easy (provided your website can accommodate them) - and it will transform a simple blue text link into a card which includes a title, image and description of your choice, so whenever anyone links to any of your pages - their post (or tweet) be replaced with your custom card instead.

Cards are great because they not only increase the real estate your links occupy (making your website stand out and look good), they also improve the likelihood of users visiting your website.