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The Golfsavers web application is very complex, it combines several bespoke features designed to make the system as easy as possible for suppliers, customers and the Golfsavers admin staff.


We've worked closely with Golfsavers to develop their bespoke system which includes many advanced features!

Website with Online Booking

The website was designed to make searching for and booking golf tee times as easy and intuitive as possible for customers!

It enables users to search through thousands of available golf courses and displays an up-to-date pricing comparison; so customers can see which courses match their search criteria and offer the best deal on the days they're looking to play.

By combining rates provided by multiple suppliers, Golfsavers are able to show a huge number of courses in most of the popular golfing regions throughout the world.

Where multiple providers supply rates at the same course - the system shows the lowest priced item of each type; giving customers the best prices and most choice possible.

The site is fully mobile compatible and uses a custom translation system so that the site can be used by as many potential customers as possible. The site also allows users to select their preferred display currency so they can see how much each item costs and removes the need for customers to work out exchange rates.

Once customers have selected all the rounds they want to play during their trip - they are able to make 1 booking to cover their entire trip.

Online Order Management

When a booking has been made via the website, the system automatically notifies the suppliers involved to reserve the tee times selected.

Both parties (the supplier and client) can then use online order portals to interact, finalise bookings and request any changes, this reduces the administrative work required by Golfsavers staff and allows all parties to be kept up-to-date.

Although largely automated via the workflow system, manual intervention is sometimes required; to make changes to orders, functionality has been added to the system to enable full order management. Adding additional items, removing items, changing prices, manipulating tee times are all tasks which can be easily done by the admin staff using the system.

Automated Workflow/Scheduling

Integral to the Golfsavers system is an automated workflow, this ensures all orders are processed within the required timescales - customers, suppliers and the admin staff are notified at each pinch-point of any actions required. For example, if a customer hasn't paid their remaining balance or a supplier hasn't confirmed a tee time is available the system will notify the respective party and request the necessary input.

The workflow is also used for several accessory/customer relations tasks, for example requesting customer feedback, sending supplier purchase orders, distributing golf tee time vouchers and order confirmation emails.

The workflow system is fully customisable allowing Golfsavers to introduce new requirements whenever they are necessitated - for example, if they wanted to introduce a new automated 'enjoy your golf holiday' email to be sent out 7 days prior to each customers departure, this can be achieved without any additional development input.

Email Templating

A comprehensive email and document templating system is utilised to allow Golfsavers to brand all outgoing emails, this maintains the professional company image and allows each supplier's identity to be masked from the clients. The templating system allows accompanying text and design to be applied to raw order data.

Online Payment

The Golfsavers system accommodates online payment by using a number of different payment gateways.

Using multiple gateways to process transactions was required by the suppliers who stipulated that they receive payment in their native currency, in response the system was designed so that each region has a defined currency - suitable for suppliers in that region.

Supplier Rate Entry

In order for Golfsavers to maintain accurate/up-to-date pricing, suppliers are provided with direct access to the admin system, via secure third-party login.

Suppliers can load new products and rates directly into the Golfsavers database - rates are loaded at cost to Golfsavers, who then subsequently apply their profit margin. Allowing direct supplier access minimises the admin required by the Golfsavers admin staff and allows suppliers to update prices whenever changes are required.

Client Managment and Financial Accounting

The system also incorporates full CRM system functionality, so the admin staff can see all previous correspondence with clients, including all emails sent/received, all previous orders/quotes and all previous financial transactions.


Several customisable reports have been added to the system, this allows Golfsavers to generate reports for several aspects of the system including debtors, creditors, profits, profit and loss, invoices, clients etc. Reports can be generated as/when required and each has custom filters/parameters such as date bands, suppliers and currencies.

The finished product

Responsive, stylish and full-featured.

The finished website is easy for customers to use and is optimised for all devices - tablets, mobile and desktop.

The administration system makes processing orders as easy as possible, minimising the work required by admin staff.

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