Vidamar Menu App

App Development & Design

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The Vidamar Koi Sushi Restaurant App was written for use as an interactive menu for the customers to use within the restaurant.


The menu contains images and descriptions of the meals and drinks, as well as a general guide to sushi. The menu app allowed for different languages to be chosen to accommodate the international clientèle.

Icon Design

We designed a set of icons to be used within the app, each representing different screens or language flags.


Admin System

The items on the menu are all driven by a web-based CMS system, so that the restaurant can keep the menu up-to-date and add new content as needed. The app would then sync up to this live data so that it could be used without network connectivity if required.

The finished product

A fully functional app now in use at the Vidamar Koi Sushi Restaurant.

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