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We like to help local businesses. So when we saw the old website at HB estate agents we let them know we could greatly improve the look and functionality of the site for little cost. Their staff were unfamiliar with website management so their main concern was that the site would be difficult to manage and update.

Initial Designs

We came up with a wireframe design which, after a few small tweaks
from the client, turned into the three design choices below.

Font Selection

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Brand Colours

We selected three different colours to fit in with the look and feel of the existing Harrington Brown logo.

Ease of Use

We used our in-house CMS system Aura, with extra bespoke features to make property management easier. We included some on-site training and a friendly help-line, all delivered on time and to budget. Happy bunnies all round!

The finished product

Good looking and easy to use. A perfect solution to
showcase properties - across all devices!

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The result has been a very successful site and no problems with updating.

They are now delighted to have a site which has greatly improved their customer appeal and allows them to enter new properties and details quickly and simply.

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